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Curb Appeal Tips To Show Your Home In Its Best Light When Selling

Brian Sperry

CalRE # 01478815Specializing in Orange County coastal home sales, Brian Sperry is esteemed by clients and colleagues alike for his innovative marketin...

CalRE # 01478815Specializing in Orange County coastal home sales, Brian Sperry is esteemed by clients and colleagues alike for his innovative marketin...

Nov 30 5 minutes read

When it comes to selling a home, first impressions make a huge difference. And sometimes, you only have one shot to convince a potential buyer to take a look at your home and step inside it. You want your property to have a “wow” factor to entice them to inquire further.

This is where your curb appeal comes in. Curb appeal refers to the aesthetic look of the home's exterior when you view it from the street. A home with great curb appeal means it is attractive even at first glance—a well-kept yard, no peeling paint, no missing or damaged roof shingles—and gives an impression that it is being taken care of. 

Many prospective buyers would refuse to go beyond the walkway when they don’t like what they see outside. Likewise, they’d scroll past your listing photos if they don’t find the exterior of your home attractive, especially in today’s competitive market where how a home looks online can greatly influence a buyer’s interest.

This is why your curb appeal needs a refresh before you sell your home. Putting an effort into cleaning and sprucing up your home’s exterior is another way to boost your property’s value and help sell it faster. 

Here are 12 simple, easy-to-implement, but proven ways to improve your curb appeal and set your potential buyers’ expectations. 

1. Clean all windows inside and out.

This is especially helpful if you don't have a front yard, as your windows will be on full display.

2. Pressure wash the house's exterior.

Chances are you don't need an entire new paint job to make hour home look fresh and clean. 

3. Tackle any debris on the gutters and roof.

This will also help you assess the condition of the roof and see if there's anything that needs to be replaced or fixed. 

4. Clean the driveway and walkway.

Don't forget to look out for any cracked areas.

5. Give your front door a face lift.

Buyers will want to walk up to a magnificent front door that entices them to come in. 

6. Install new hardware especially on the front door. 

It's another simple way to give a clean and modern look, especially if the hardware is already outdated. 

7. Get rid of dry leaves, debris, and any other clutter on the yard.  

Just think of the chore as outdoor housekeeping. 

8. Revamp your mailbox and house number.  

Replace them with something new and trendy, especially if they're already worn out. 

9. Replace or update the lighting fixtures. 

Curb appeal isn't limited to daytime hours, so make sure your exterior lights also make a positive impact. 

10. Spruce up your grass and plants. 

Show buyers that you have a lush lawn and garden by regularly mowing, fertilizing and watering.

11. Trim the trees and shrubs, especially those that are blocking the view. 

Everyone loves the share that trees give, but not if they've overgrown. 

12. Clean and maintain your porch and any outdoor spaces.

Well-maintained outdoor living spaces are a key attraction to many buyers. 


  • Finish any project that you started.

Once buyers come to your home and see any of your unfinished curb appeal projects, they might think that you neglected such an important home maintenance task, even if it isn't really your intention. They might even wonder what other repair tasks you’ve left unfinished.

  • Pay attention to how your home looks at night.

Because some potential buyers drive by houses in the evening, you have to make sure that your home is just as attractive at night as it is during the day. The right lighting can make your home look incredible in evening listing photos, and adds security and safety as well. 

  • Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes.

Stand outside your property and look at it as if you were the potential buyer visiting for the first time. Tour around and take note of your first impression of the house and yard. Does it look clean and tidy? What’s the first thing you noticed about the property? What makes it attractive? What could be improved? 

Together with your realtor, look at your home with a fresh perspective so you can work on the areas that need to be improved to entice more buyers to look at your property and submit an offer.

  • Even the smallest things make a big impact.

If you think you can’t make improvements to your home’s exterior because of a tight budget, don’t be discouraged. Buyers pay attention to even the smallest of details. This is why simple tasks such as decluttering your yard, hiding the trash cans and other eyesores, updating your mailbox, or repainting the fence, could make a huge impact on your home’s curb appeal.

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